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John Hackett

I’m 65 years old, originally from Wellington, and have been coming to Matarangi now for 26 years since moving to Auckland in 1991.

I have practiced law for the past 45 years, specialising in intellectual property and patent/trade mark law.

I am now semi-retired, although have taken on a new role as a brand ambassador for a local company which develops AI software for the trade mark profession worldwide.

I’m passionate about Matarangi, and look forward to working with the MRAI to further the best interests of the MRAI members, and the greater Matarangi community.

I’m married to Ali, and we have 3 adult children, whose spiritual home is definitely Matarangi.

They’re all overseas at present, but will always be found here with their partners and family during the summer months.

I enjoy playing golf and am a member of our great Dunes GC.

Cheers, John.

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