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The LTP and Matarangi – Our Open Space Challenge



The TCDC Long Term Plan is now out for consultation.

It’s available to be read online on the TCDC website at


This is our Matarangi Open Space Challenge – to protect it forever! It’s not safe yet.


TCDC failed to protect this open space in Matarangi (currently in popular use as a golf course, spit walkway and lawn bowls rink) and as a result this community has spent over 10 years fighting development of the land.


It’s not safe yet. The Environment Court 2019 confirmation of the Open Space Zone is not a permanent protection against residential development.


Those who stepped up and acquired the land did so generously to give the community an opportunity to ultimately acquire the land and to protect it in perpetuity. 


The Trust, Landowners and MRAI have all spent the past 2 years working with Council to identify different ways of funding the acquisition so the community can own and protect what we have forever.


We can’t let the Council avoid responsibility for their failure to protect the land. Their preference to do nothing (Option 1) puts Matarangi back to where we were a decade ago with the Open Space land unprotected in private ownership.  


Selecting Option 2 (or 3) in the LTP is, in our view, the best way forward.  While not ideal, these 2 options give us the best opportunity to stay in negotiation with Council and retain what we have gained.


This is not just a golf course, it’s special coastal open space, it’s our community hub, the spit walk is a key part of the magic of Matarangi.  This amenity adds value to all properties Matarangi.


We need your help to protect it.


Please submit and select Option 2 (or 3), in the Long Term Plan


Other LTP Issues Affecting Matarangi


Waste Disposal and the Matarangi Transfer Station


Council is urgently looking to reduce the cost of waste collection. Although the LTP no longer proposes closure of the Matarangi Transfer Station, Council needs suggestions for how to reduce costs. We know one item under consideration is to close the station to green waste. What do you think? Include your ideas in your submission.




Council has included a proposal costing up to $18 million to replace the Matarangi treatment plant? This is needed to upgrade the quality and cope with the proposed new subdivision of 224 lots. You can comment on this and other infrastructure issues such as the water supply in your response.

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