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Ōmaro Spit Regeneration Plan

A group from Matarangi has been established to address the serious erosion issues at the distal end of the Ōmaro Spit that has seen the disappearance of the spit walkway as well as parts of the open space and golf course.

The group includes representatives from Matarangi Ratepayers, Matarangi Community Trust, Matarangi Land Holdings Ltd, The Dunes Golf Course and the Matarangi Community itself.

Mark Bedford Chair Matarangi Ratepayers Assn Inc

Alastair MacCormick Chair Matarangi Community Trust

Gavin Walker Director Matarangi Land Holdings Ltd

Raymond Fanning Course Superintendent The Dunes

Graeme Osborne Matarangi Community

Our aim is to coordinate a community response that will facilitate the restoration of the Ōmaro Spit. We will be fully consulting with the whole Matarangi Community, Ngāti Hei, Ngāti Huarere, TCDC, Waikato Regional Council, Matarangi Community Groups, and DOC.

We have engaged a Coastal erosion specialist (Greg Jenks) and we are together working on a restoration plan which will be shared with the community as soon as it has been finalised and costed. We envisage holding a public forum to discuss the plan at an appropriate time.


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