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Kuaotunu Bridge Closure

Morning All,

NZTA and TCDC announced yesterday afternoon that the Kuaotunu Bridge on SH25 will be closing at 8am this Sunday (22 September) for up to 5 weeks. You can read TCDC’s announcement here

This is most disturbing as it will have a major effect in many ways on a daily basis - people who need to go to Whitianga to work, medical appointments, tradespeople, school children travelling by bus etc.

The Kuaotunu Residents and Ratepayers Association has organised a community meeting to be held at the Kuaotunu Hall at 4pm on Friday, 20 September (i.e. this afternoon), to discuss the impact of the impending closure of the bridge. The meeting will be led by TCDC's Civil Defence Controller, Gary Towler.

All are welcome. We need as many attendees as possible to ensure our objection is heard and encourage messages of protest to the council.

David Macdonald


Matarangi Ratepayers Association Inc.


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