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Matarangi Cameras are functional

MRAI has been working hard this year to get the cameras at the entrance up and running. We are happy to advise the cameras are now fully functional.

We have kindly been lent a laptop to provide this service, and plan to purchase our own laptop when funds allow.

Community Patrol, security cameras, burglar alarms, personal security, are all for deterrent factor. All of these have a part to play in making Matarangi safer.

Camera Information

  • Cameras are set up for number plate recognition and full motion, which can be zoomed in on.

  • This is not a monitoring service. It is for access by the NZ Police should they require evidence for Court proceedings.

  • NZ Police will contact Mercury Bay Community Patrol to obtain footage.

  • Footage can be remotely accessed by Mercury Bay Community Patrol, only as required by New Zealand Police.

What to do in the event of a crime

  • Call 111 if there is a crime in progress.

  • Call 105 for any historical crimes, like a burglary that has been discovered.


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