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Matarangi Open Space [Golf (2012) vs TCDC]

It is with considerable pleasure that we can inform you of a significant development in the long-standing effort stretching over six years to preserve the open space occupied by the golf course.

An agreement has been reached with the owners of Golf (2012) Ltd, Michael and Sheree Siemelink, for the purchase of the golf course property on behalf of Matarangi residents and owners. The agreement has been negotiated by a small group of residents, representing all sections of the Matarangi community, who have come together to achieve this outstanding result with the full knowledge and backing of MRAI. This group does not see themselves as the continuing owners of the property but as the negotiators who have been willing to take the lead on behalf of the Matarangi community. Settlement is scheduled for later this year, prior to the holiday season.

Golf (2012) will withdraw its appeal to the High Court that seeks to overturn the decision of the Environment Court released in June. This means that the entire golf course property will continue to be zoned Open Space, preserving public access to the spit end.

A Matarangi Community Trust is in the process of formation, about which further announcements will be made shortly. It is planned that the Trust will be pivotal in the future ownership and control of the golf course property, that the club house would be available for community use and that a club will be formed to operate the golf course, continuing with The Dunes name. The golf club would operate from the club house.

To make these plans a reality, once the Trust is up and running, financial support will be required from TCDC and the Matarangi community. We heard from so many of you that it made sense for the community to own this land. Now we have the opportunity. Our aim is to secure the financial future of this community facility by Christmas. Further details of the appeal for financial support will be announced shortly.

Alastair MacCormick


Matarangi Ratepayers Association Incorporated

Chairman: Alastair MacCormick

Secretary & Editor: Kieran Mullins,129 Sands Cres RD2 Whitianga 3592.

Address subscriptions and membership enquiries to:

The Treasurer, David Macdonald, 131 Sands Cres, RD2 Whitianga 3592. Tel. 07 866 0968


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