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MRAI Newsletter - 15 October 2019

Matarangi Community Trust established

Sponsored by MRAI, the Matarangi Community Trust has been formed and held its first meeting in Matarangi on Thursday evening last.

The foundation trustees are Alan Cunningham, Allan Dickinson, Alison Hackett, Glenn Leach, Alastair MacCormick and Sharon Walker.

At the first meeting Alastair MacCormick was elected to the Chair, and Alan Cunningham is Treasurer. Subsequently John Skelton has accepted appointment as Honorary Secretary/Accountant. The Trust’s solicitors are Malloy Goodwin Harford Lawyers.

The Trust is filing applications for incorporation and charitable status, with objects to:

(a) Establish, support and maintain open space reserves, facilities and other amenities for community and public use at or proximate to Matarangi for the promotion of health and other purposes beneficial to the community.

(b) Support public welfare, health and safety, and emergency management for Matarangi residents and visitors and Matarangi entities.

(c) Support and advance education of children of Matarangi.

At its first meeting the trust dealt with a number of procedural matters and then turned to discuss priorities, including how to preserve the open space of the golf course land in perpetuity, establishment of a Matarangi golf club and how the Club House might become a widely used community facility.

The trustees also held a preliminary discussion about funding the activities of the Trust. Before the Trust can go public with its plans, it needs confirmation of its status as a charitable trust and to establish a partnership with TCDC relating to the future of the golf course properties.

The Trust will work closely with the Matarangi community and hold its Annual Meeting in conjunction with MRAI in January.

Matarangi golf club

As a first step the Trust has invited the Golf Course Superintendent, Raymond Fanning, to convene a working group of golfers to develop a proposal to form a new golf club at Matarangi, with a sound business plan.

In the proposal the Trust is seeking energetic leadership and management for a club that will be a vibrant and valued asset for the Matarangi community, having a reputation as an enjoyable course for regular and occasional players and well enough known to attract visiting golfers.

If you can help planning the future club, please contact the working group through the clubhouse.

Impending change

The withdrawal of the High Court Appeal in the Golf (2012) vs TCDC case leaves the Open Space zoning of the golf course property intact. The District Plan is now Operative in relation to Matarangi and its Structure Plan. These events mark a major milestone for MRAI.

It is coming up for seven years that I have been in the Chair of MRAI and the time is appropriate for me to hand over and move on. I am also conscious of the need to avoid any potential for conflict arising from my election to chair the Trust. I have given notice to the Committee that I will not be available for re-election at the Annual Meeting in January. Alastair MacCormick


Matarangi Ratepayers Association Incorporated


Alastair MacCormick

Secretary & Editor:

Kieran Mullins, 129 Sands Cres RD2 Whitianga 3592.

Address subscriptions and membership enquiries to:

The Treasurer, David Macdonald, 131 Sands Cres, RD2 Whitianga 3592.

Tel. 07 866 0968


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