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MRAI Newsletter - 19 Apr 2020

A message from MRAI Chair Mark Bedford

COVID 19 has certainly changed many things in our community, our country and the world and it has been very encouraging to see how the vast majority of New Zealanders, including our wonderful Matarangi community, have come together and heeded the call to stay safe within our bubbles. I thank you all especially those working in essential services and look forward to less stressful times and the ability for all of us to return to some sort of normality.

MRAI will continue to work closely with all groups in our community to make sure our wonderful piece of paradise prospers. We will also be working closely with TCDC to ensure that our infrastructure can support the future growth. I would encourage all ratepayers who are not members of MRAI to seriously consider joining with us as members. Without members we cannot survive.


We currently have 13 members on the MRAI committee - go to the Ratepayers Association website to see who your representatives are.

Newsletters are posted on this website, so if you want to check information or refer others to the work of MRAI, go to

As our community grows with more people choosing to live here part or full time, we want to let residents know about our association and the important work we do. Greater membership gives us stronger representation with council and other organisations we deal with on issues concerning the community. When you meet new residents please let them know about MRAI and encourage them to join us. You can now complete a membership form and pay subscriptions through our website.

A reminder that subscriptions are now due for the April 2020/March 2021 year.


Water supply has been a significant issue this summer and a team of committee members with expertise in this area is currently in discussion with TCDC to resolve concerns about management across the areas of potable water supply, storm water and waste water.

Matarangi Golf and Country Club

The sale of The Dunes golf course last year to community interests has resulted in two new organisations in Matarangi - the Matarangi Golf and Country Club which will operate out of The Dunes clubhouse and the Matarangi Community Trust which aims to maintain open space reserves throughout Matarangi for community use;

MRAI looks forward to working alongside both these groups as they plan for future development.

Traffic signage

You will have noticed the 50 km signs at the entrance to Matarangi and hopefully also noticed a positive effect on traffic calming. MRAI is keeping an eye on other potential areas where speeding may cause a problem – if you have any concerns please let us know.

Community Patrol

The Covid-19 situation has put a temporary halt to the establishment of this initiative but committee member Mark Hall will be reactivating the assessment of volunteers for the patrol as soon as lockdown is lifted.

TCDC Reserves

The very dry summer has resulted in a number of trees on our reserves not surviving. The Reserves committee has been in discussion with TCDC and these will be replaced.

TCDC also requests that any issues concerning vegetation or signage on council reserves be raised with them before any action is taken as there may be professional tree management options. Contact the Customer Service team on 07 868 0200 or email or launch a request for service on our website:

MRAI does not condone any deliberate damage or unauthorised work on any public space in Matarangi such as the destruction of trees or creating beach access across sand dunes.


If you have any issues you wish to raise or discuss, contact MRAI Chair Mark Bedford; or

Also look out for our Facebook page ‘Matarangi Ratepayers’ where we post information relevant to all residents and ratepayers.


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