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MRAI Newsletter - 9 Feb 2020


A very well attended Annual Meeting was held at The Dunes Clubhouse on Monday January 27, with approximately 200 Matarangi ratepayers and TCDC representation by Mayor Sandra Goudie, Deputy Mayor Murray McLean, Councillor Tony Fox, community board member Jeremy Lomas and District Manager Allan Tiplady.

Retiring MRAI chair Alastair MacCormick outlined the transition to the new ownership of The Dunes golf course and clubhouse in December, praising the work of many volunteers who have helped get the facilities up and running for the holiday season.

See the AGM minutes appended below.

Election of officers

Alastair MacCormick has stepped down from the chair of MRAI, but not out of community service in Matarangi as he is now the chair of the newly formed Matarangi Community Trust. Recently appointed MRAI committee member Mark Bedford has stepped into the role of chair. Other new committee members appointed prior to the AGM are: Hugh Chapman, John Hackett, Mark Hall, Dean Lendrum and Vaughan Podbielski. They join existing committee members Harry Karl, Ian Patrick, David Macdonald, Ben Green, Kieran Mullins, Grant Short and Hilary Falconer.

MRAI officers are Chair: Mark Bedford, Deputy Chair: Harry Karl, Secretary: Kieran Mullins, Treasurer: David Macdonald. Honorary Auditor Alan Cunningham was voted in for a further year.


A vote was also taken at the AGM to keep MRAI annual subscriptions at $50 per ratepayer. Although the Environment Court battle for open space zoning of the golf course has been won, it is expected MRAI will have continuing issues where it will need to represent ratepayers, for example future subdivision in Matarangi, water supply and waste water.

Matarangi Community Trust

The establishment of the Matarangi Community Trust was sponsored by MRAI to enable the land and facilities of The Dunes to be held in community ownership, be maintained as a golf course and preserved as open space in perpetuity.

There was discussion at the AGM of the proposal to raise funds so that ownership of The Dunes can be transferred to the Matarangi Community Trust from its current ownership by limited liability company Matarangi Land Holdings. A motion to support a targeted rate was carried resoundingly, although the Mayor cautioned that there would have to be an official council process involving community consultation before any targeted rate could be put in place.


Both potable water supply and waste water are currently hot topics, with council staff assuring those attending the AGM that water restrictions would only be for a ‘brief period’ and were a consequence of the population trebling at a time when there has been no rain. The situation in Matarangi, where our water comes from the Opitonui Stream, was described as better than in Whitianga as we have no restrictions on household supply. Water tankers have been given permission to take water from Matarangi to supply others in the area on tank water, as our supply is viewed as more reliable.

MRAI is in continued discussion with TCDC on the matter of water supply and you can keep up with council developments by signing up for the TCDC e-newsletter which gives email updates on water restrictions – go to and select your area and Water, stormwater, wastewater and drinking water. There are also regular Facebook updates at:


A matter raised from the floor at the AGM was a suspected sewer discharge at the harbour boat ramp. TCDC have since advised that this was investigated by a Veolia operator on Friday 24th January and has been checked by a Parks and Reserves Officer.

The conclusion is that it was not effluent but a “combination of rotting seaweed and decomposing organic matter that had been trapped in the shallows around the Matarangi boat ramp… Veolia staff were collecting samples from the estuary behind the Waste Water Treatment Plant ponds over the entire peak period. They did not see any sign of a sewer overflow/discharge, nor have there been any indicators of this picked up in the Lab test results.”


One of the aims of the new committee is to increase our membership to enable information about developments and activities in our community to reach as many people as possible. If you know property owners who are not members, you can encourage them to sign up through our website


Traffic calming signs were put in place by TCDC at the entrance to Matarangi last year in consultation with MRAI. Work is continuing on solving the issue of maintenance and surveillance of the security cameras on Matarangi Drive.

Project Kiwi

Over Easter the Project Kiwi trust will be running kiwi aversion training in Matarangi. This is free DOC certified training for pets and working or hunting dogs over six months old. The Avian Avoidance Training for dogs will be held on Saturday April 11 from 9am to approximately noon at a location to be advised but the site will be signposted from the entrance to Matarangi. To book please text Sheila Westley – Mob: 021 716 514 with your name, number of dogs and preferred time or email:


Matarangi Ratepayers Association (Inc)

Annual Meeting of Members

9:30 am Monday 27 January 2020

At the Dunes Golf Clubhouse


1. Welcome: The Chairman welcomed Sandra Goudie, TCDC Mayor, Murray McLean, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Mercury Bay, Tony Fox, Councillor for Mercury Bay, Alan Tiplady, TCDC District Manager North, Jeremy Lomas, Mercury Bay Community Board and about 200 members.

2. Apologies were received from Rekha Giri-Percival, Chair Mercury Bay Community Board, Hugh Chapman, Robert & Anne Siddens, Paula & Peter Clarke, Heather & Lindsay Arthur, Arthur Coverdale, Allan Dickinson, Vaughan Podbielski.

3. The minutes of the Annual Meeting held 28 January 2019 were confirmed as a true and correct record.

4. The Chairman, Alastair MacCormick presented his Annual report (copy attached).

5. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer, David MacDonald. Moved by David MacDonald that the report be adopted. Seconded by Harry Karl. Carried.

Moved by David MacDonald that MRAI subscriptions remain at $50 per annum. Seconded by Mark Bedford. Carried

6. The Chairman, David Macdonald, presented the Report of the Reserves Management Group (copy attached).

7. The following nominations were received in writing for the MRAI Committee: Mark Bedford, Harry Karl, David Macdonald, Ben Green, Dean Lendrum, Grant Short, Hilary Falconer, Kieran Mullins, Vaughan Podbielski, John Hackett, Hugh Chapman, Ian Patrick, Mark Hall.

No election was required and all persons nominated were confirmed or co-opted as members of the Committee.

Mark Bedford, the incoming Chairman, addressed the meeting regarding representing Matarangi at a recent Mercury Bay Board Meeting, with many of the local ratepayers associations and various council representatives. The meeting was positive and covered the following issues, which will continue to be followed up in this forum:

- Water Services

- Rubbish

- Recycling

- Green Waste Costs

8. Honorary Auditor: Alan Cunningham was thanked by the Chairman for his current service. Alan Cunningham had indicated that he is be prepared to continue the role of Honorary Auditor.

Agreed that he is reappointed.

9. Chairman, Alastair MacCormick addressed the meeting regarding Matarangi Community Trust (MCT) and Matarangi Land Holding Ltd (MLH). The following matters were covered in his address:

  1. Acknowledgement of the great work done by Allan Dickinson, Ross Mear and all the volunteers in getting the Golf Club, Community Centre & Bowling Green facilities up and running.

  2. History of the Golf Course and related facilities

  3. MRAI is the senior body, the sponsor of MCT and responsible for the appointments to the Appointments Panel for Trustees, along with MBCB.

  4. MRAI will continue to be the body representing the interests of Matarangi ratepayers. Focus on all regulatory aspects and infrastructure.

  5. MCT has broad charitable purposes (health, education, maintenance of the environment).

  6. MCT will support amenities, including the spit walk and cycleway, bowls, community centre, tennis courts.

  7. MCT is committed to an 18 hole golf course best way to maintain the large 47Ha of open space – as a private or public reserve.

  8. TCDC (as stated in its District Plan), MCT, and MLHL have the shared objective of protecting the golf course land as open space in perpetuity.

  9. MLHL and MCT prefer the property to be transferred to ownership of MCT to be held in trust for the broader Matarangi community.

  10. Over the summer MCT and MLHL have been working together constructively and positively to resolve complex legal, compliance and funding issues

  11. Highly likely that MCT will own a limited liability company to operate the Community Centre and golf course. This company will be expected to be self-sustaining.

  12. Substantial deferred maintenance has driven up the proposed Capex Budget for the golf course to exceed $1.27 million over 3 years.

  13. A targeted rate is being considered on all properties at Matarangi, in the range of $100-200 per property. At $150 per property it is estimated to raise approximately $220,000 per year.

  14. MRAI, MCT and MLHL see targeted rate as a way for the Matarangi community to help TCDC with the ongoing funding of TCDC’s generous Matarangi recreational and community assets.

  15. The rate will support MCT to achieve the plans summarised in Items 5) – 8) above.

  16. Each Matarangi property owner will receive one social membership of the Matarangi Community Centre which will entitle the holder to discounts.

  17. Moved by John Hackett that MRAI supports an annual targeted rate of between $100-$200 per annum (tbc), to be included the TCDC long term plan. Seconded by Ian Simpson. Agreed unanimously.

10. General Business

  • The Mayor Sandra Goudie acknowledged Alastair, Committee Members and Matarangi Community Trust members for their achievements.

  • Clarification was sought to ensure the community receives the whole targeted amount from the council. The Mayor indicated a targeted rate will go through the public consultation process with a proposal to come from the Matarangi Community Trust on the detail of the targeted rate.

  • The Mayor suggested that Matarangi Land Holdings put an encumbrance on the Golf Course property to ensure it is kept as open space.

  • The Mayor indicated that replacement of the single lane bridges in the Tairua vicinity is viewed as a priority.

  • The Mayor acknowledged Murray McLean as the new Deputy Mayor, and Tony Fox as the TCDC transport representative.

  • The Mayor confirmed that Water & Wastewater is a priority. There have been 6 tanker loads of water per day that were consented to be taken from the Matarangi supply which is around 2% of the current supply.

  • 2 cubic metres amount per property is being investigated in the longer term.

  • The Mayor confirmed there is no loss of water from the pipe across the harbour.

  • Jo Malcolm asked TCDC to be more proactive with communication to the community regarding water tankers drawing water, and other water issues. This was accepted by the Mayor and councillors.

  • Wastewater management plant upgrade – working group still exists, water testing a focus.

  • Graeme Crocombe registered a thank you from the community for the replanting of beachfront dunes.

  • A request to look after the Rings Beach track and Harbour frontage in regards to gorse & wilding pines was acknowledged.

  • Stu Arnold addressed the meeting and acknowledged all the fireman and volunteers for the great work they do in supporting our community. Local emergency services were acknowledged with acclamation.

  • Raw sewage on the Matarangi boat ramp area was raised by Ross Munro. Alan Tiplady stated this would be investigated. Raw sewage should not be discharged.

  • Regarding sufficient water for companies to be drawing from Matarangi, given the tripling of the local population crossing over with drought period, Alan said TCDC are legally obliged to provide water for the personal health of people in the home, this is the main priority. TCDC is not legally obliged to supply water for other uses.

  • The sprinkler ban is to help mitigate the impending water shortage.

  • The Deputy Mayor Murray McLean and Tony Fox, Councillor for Mercury Bay, each addressed the meeting. Each acknowledged the great, positive, meetings being held with all parties working together. They are committed to supporting Matarangi community.

  • Councillor Fox was reminded of the recommendations of the TCDC Commissioners who heard objections to the Proposed District Plan, that TCDC assist local interests to buy the Holes 1 and 2 land.

11. Ian Patrick proposed a vote of thanks from the community to Alastair MacCormick for his work for MRAI over many years.


The Chairman, Alastair MacCormick proposed a vote of thanks from the community to Bob Stevens for his work for MRAI over many years.


12. Meeting closed: 11:07am

Approximate attendance: 200



These reports were taken as read


Item 4 Chairman’s Report

1. In Memoriam

1.1. Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly, long-time identity and resident in Matarangi for over 25 years died on 12 March 2019. Paul’s legacy can be found all over the settlement. Paul was a long-term, active member of MRAI, bringing to the table common sense, wisdom and enthusiasm, enlivening discussions with his good humour. Paul was very active in the work of the Reserves Committee – he was one of those who get things done. Along with future generations we reap the benefit of his commitment to making Matarangi reserves, walkways, and cycleways so attractive and well-kept.

Many will recall the days of Kelly’s Hardware store, where Chris and Paul helped their customers as friends, with a cheery greeting and a willingness to find answers to the many and varied needs of locals. It was Paul who took the gamble of constructing the commercial complex on Matarangi Drive.

Over the last eight years Paul was a popular and highly effective Chairman of the Mercury Bay Community Board. This involved Paul in community matters from Whangapoua in the north to Hot Water Beach in the south, together with many trips to the TCDC offices in Thames. Paul chaired the organising committee for the Cook 250th celebrations in Mercury Bay, a role he relished for development of the programme jointly with Ngāti Hei.

1.2. Trevan Smith

After a long illness, Matarangi identity and former MRAI Auditor Trevan Smith died in Auckland on 19 January 2020. Trevan was actively involved in many aspects of the Matarangi community and enjoyed his golf. He was widely known in golfing circles, having served his long-time Remuera Golf Club in many capacities, including Club Captain, President, General Manager, Patron and Life Member. Our thoughts go to Carol and his family at this time.

2. Matarangi Year in Review

2.1. Open Space: Golf (2012) vs TCDC

The Environment Court dismissed Golf (2012)’s Appeal in a decision released 24th June 2019. The effect of this decision is that the land occupied by the golf course remains zoned as Open Space. Golf (2012) Limited appealed the decision to the High Court but subsequently withdrew this further appeal. The new District Plan – Decisions Version (2016) is now Operative in relation to Matarangi and its Structure Plan.

The decision was based on the value to the community of the open space. In reaching its decision the Court noted “the protection of the natural character of the coastal environment is a matter of national importance, it provides obvious amenity values and in the context of a peninsula which is already substantially developed it has finite characteristics.” The Court considered that the planning history of Matarangi mattered, and that past use of the land and its physical and environmental context were relevant when considering its future.

We acknowledge the TCDC Mayor, Councillors and staff for their unwavering defence of Council’s decisions and the advocacy of its able legal and professional team, led by Andrew Green of Brookfields.

A dedicated and enthusiastic MRAI team, joined by the Holes 1 and 2 Group, supported TCDC to bring about this result. Russell Bartlett QC, supported by barrister Michael Savage, led our team brilliantly. Jeff Brown (planning), Rachel de Lambert (landscape architect), Alastair MacCormick and our former Deputy Chair Keith Cullum formed the key support team that put together the compelling evidence. Rod Cameron of the Holes 1 and 2 Group was indefatigable in his pursuit of this outcome. We also had strong support from Matarangi residents who wrote statements of evidence, Bridget Gilbert and Julia Maskill.

For MRAI and its predecessors the creation and preservation of the open space that distinguishes the seaside settlement of Matarangi from a city suburb has been a constant battle stretching for more than four decades. For Rod Cameron and the Holes 1 and 2 Group this was a deserved win after a decade arguing for the protection of the open space that was clearly intended by the original developers to be a golf course for ever.

MRAI thanks all our members and friends for support and patience. This outcome could not have been achieved without the financial support of the MRAI membership and the eleven ratepayers who underwrote MRAI costs.

2.2. Local Acquisition of the Golf Course Property

For decades MRAI has held that community ownership of the golf course properties is the only sure way to prevent subdivision and preserve the amenities: open space, spit head walking track, golf course, bowling green and spacious clubhouse building.

The first step to achieve this was taken in August when an agreement was reached with the owners of Golf (2012) Ltd, Michael and Sheree Siemelink, for the purchase of the golf course property on behalf of Matarangi residents and owners.

With the full knowledge and backing of MRAI the agreement was negotiated by a Matarangi ratepayers representing all sections of the Matarangi community, who came together under the leadership of Ross Green to achieve this outstanding result.

At last count Matarangi Land Holding Ltd (MLH) has twenty-three shareholders who have made temporary advances to MLH. MLH is committed to significant repayments of these advances as the wider Matarangi community is able to raise additional funds for the purchase.

This group does not see themselves as the continuing owners of the property but as the negotiators who were willing to take the lead on behalf of the Matarangi community before the Matarangi Community Trust could be established. MLH took ownership on 2nd December 2019 and as noted earlier, Golf (2012) withdrew its appeal to the High Court that sought to overturn the decision of the Environment Court.

2.3. Matarangi Community Trust established

MRAI is the sponsor of the Matarangi Community Trust (MCT), an incorporated charitable trust formed to support health, education and recreation for the Matarangi community. The MCT trust deed was executed on 21 October 2019 and by 5 December MCT was incorporated, registered as a charity and approved by IRD as a Donee Organisation. MCT’s website has further information, including an FAQ section.

MCT, MRAI and MLH all seek long-term preservation of the land as open space, as envisaged in the TCDC District Plan. To achieve this, the agreed plan is for MLH to transfer the property to the wider community ownership of MCT, provided MCT receives sufficient community and TCDC support to fund the acquisition.

MLH and MCT will continue with The Dunes 18 hole golf course. Since acquisition membership has more than doubled to 200 members.

The objects of the Trust are to:

  • Establish, support and maintain open space reserves, facilities and other amenities for community and public use at or proximate to Matarangi for the promotion of health and other purposes beneficial to the community.

  • Support public welfare, health and safety, and emergency management for Matarangi residents and visitors and Matarangi entities.

  • Support and advance education of children of Matarangi

The foundation trustees are Alan Cunningham (Treasurer), Allan Dickinson, Alison Hackett, Glenn Leach, Alastair MacCormick (Chair) and Sharon Walker. John Skelton is Honorary Secretary and Accountant. The Trust’s solicitors are Malloy Goodwin Harford Lawyers.

The trustees are appointed by an Appointments Panel, half of the members being nominated by the MRAI Committee and half by the Mercury Bay Community Board. A majority of the Appointments Panel and of the MCT trustees must be Matarangi residents or ratepayers. Before making an appointment, the Appointments Panel is required to “evaluate, in consultation with the Trust Board, the balance of skills, knowledge and experience on the board and, in light of the evaluation, to determine the role and capabilities required for the appointment.”

Priorities for the trustees include how to preserve the open space of the golf course land in perpetuity, establishment of a new structure for The Dunes Matarangi golf club and how the Club House might become a much more widely used community facility known as the Matarangi Community Centre. Many other Matarangi amenities such as the tennis courts, the Bluff tracks and the proposed Harbour Park will need support in the future. All are crucial to keeping Matarangi such a wonderful holiday settlement. Having seen the need for a new charitable entity able to own, promote and maintain some of these amenities, MRAI sponsored the formation of the Matarangi Community Trust and made a grant of $10,000 to MCT in support of its start-up. MCT also received a generous donation of $5,000 from the Matarangi Rural Fire Force Association.

MLH and MCT are working closely in tandem with professional advisers to sort out a long-term plan for ownership and operation of the recently acquired golf course property. The issues are complex and all parties, including the Thames Coromandel District Council and the Waikato Regional Council, are working together to reach the best outcome. Even with all the good will in the world it could take months to finalise the go-forward plan.

Once there is an agreed plan, there will be a campaign to fund the Trust for its proposed activities.

2.4. The Dunes Matarangi Golf Club and the Matarangi Community Centre

Under the leadership of Allan Dickinson and Ross Mear, MLH re-launched the golf club with a membership drive and breathed new life into the clubhouse. The Golf Club has been reinvigorated by an amazing group of volunteers who have helped the new owners to improve the course and spruce up the clubhouse with painting, cleaning, gardening and minor repairs.

Together with a group of residents and the Golf Course Superintendent, Raymond Fanning, Allan and Ross have been putting together plans and budgets for future operations. These plans will inevitably reveal major deferred maintenance for the golf course and clubhouse. It could take several years to catch up and to make other desirable changes, such as to improve the inefficient layout of the large clubhouse.

MLH and MCT will be seeking energetic leadership and management for a club that will be a vibrant and valued asset for the Matarangi community, having a reputation as an enjoyable course for regular and occasional players and well enough known to attract visiting golfers.

2.5. Speed Calming at Matarangi

In response to MRAI’s request to TCDC for speed calming on Matarangi Drive at the entrance to Matarangi and in the neighbourhood of the shopping centre large 50KPH signs have been positioned on both sides of Matarangi Road near the entrance to Matarangi and additional 50KPH signs installed on Matarangi Drive between the entrance and the shopping centre.

TCDC monitored vehicle speeds and pedestrian movement on Matarangi Drive over the peak summer period 2019/20 to assess whether or not to install further safety measures.

2.6. Beaches Development Limited Resource Consent Application for Subdivision

In 2018 Beaches Development Limited (Beaches) applied to TCDC for Resource Consent to subdivide the remaining land between Matarangi Drive and the Whangapoua Harbour (RMA/2018/471).

Provided the proposal is compliant with the Matarangi Structure Plan and other requirements in legislation, TCDC by-laws and the District Plan, and MRAI has given its consent in writing, the application will be approved as a non-notified consent.

Overall MRAI considers the plan will provide a quality development of the remaining Beaches lands, together with significant additional amenities for the community.

It is taking a long time for the application to be processed by TCDC. There are significant infrastructure issues raised by this application, the final major subdivision proposal for Matarangi.

On 18 April 2019 an MRAI delegation met with Council officers in Thames to discuss issues raised by the application. These include:

  • The vesting in Council of reserve lands, especially for the Harbour Park surrounding the boat ramp and a smaller park adjacent to the Fire Station.

  • Continuation of the coastal walkway around the subdivision to end at the shopping centre.

  • Environmental and recreational aspects of the four lakes proposed within the subdivision and the relationship to the storm water system.

  • Expansion of the wastewater treatment plant.

  • Adequate potable water supply for Matarangi.

MRAI has proposed early vesting of the planned reserves at the Harbour and the Fire Station and the continuation of the coastal walkway around the subdivision. The spit-end walkway is already a treasure for Matarangi residents and visitors. Prior experience tells us that this walkway needs to be constructed on publicly held land and protected from erosion by tidal and storm action on the harbour edge.

The supply of potable water is a concern as we are not convinced that the system as a whole, from the Opitonui Stream intake in the Coromandel foothills to the storage tank on the Matarangi Bluff, is sufficiently robust to provide continuity of supply. This applies now, even before extra system capacity is required to supply the new subdivision. We strongly suspect weaknesses in the pipe under the Whangapoua Harbour and in the capacity of the pumping system. Last summer a restriction to our water supply was necessary over a weekend, owing to the failure of a small but critical pump at the water treatment plant. This summer we understand there has been a repeat failure, this time with a valve on the Matarangi side of the under-harbour pipe.

MRAI retained Aguas Engineering, Environmental and Planning Ltd to report on water issues. This was forwarded to TCDC with a letter dated 5 May 2019 requesting information and actions to give MRAI confidence in the 3 waters infrastructure at Matarangi. MRAI received a brief limited reply containing dated reports and plans, which do not respond to the issues raised. MRAI has now requested that the letter be treated as an Official Information Act request.

3. Appreciation

It is appropriate to record our appreciation for the consistent efforts and cooperation received from TCDC elected representatives and staff, and particularly from the Mercury Bay Community Board chaired by Rekha Giri-Percival, and the Mercury Bay Area Manager, Alan Tiplady. The community is grateful for this support when there are many competing demands on TCDC staff and stringent control of expenditure.

There are many local people who give voluntary service to this community and we should recognize and appreciate them:

  • The Matarangi Rural Fire Force, who also serve as our First Response Paramedics.

  • Mercury Bay Ward TCDC councillors Tony Fox and Murray MacLean.

  • Community Board Chairman, Rekha Giri-Percival.

We thank our Honorary Auditor, Alan Cunningham, for his audit report.

Three Committee members are not seeking re-election at this Annual Meeting: Tracey Green, Alastair MacCormick and Bob Stevens.

I record my appreciation to the members of the Committee, which since our last AGM on 29 January 2017 has comprised: Alastair MacCormick (Chair), Harry Karl (Deputy Chair), David Macdonald (Treasurer), Kieran Mullins (Secretary), Hilary Falconer, Ben Green, Tracey Green, Ian Patrick, Grant Short, and Bob Stevens.

Thanks to all members for their continuing generous support.

We now look forward to another year of development and improvement for Matarangi.

Alastair MacCormick 23rd January 2020


Item 5 Audited Financial Statements to 31 March 2019


Item 6 Reserves Management Group Report

2019 was a relatively quiet year for The Reserves Management Group with only two meetings scheduled with TCDC representatives. This was mainly due to our previous contact, Scott Farrell retiring in April. In June TCDC appointed Hirini Rolleston as our contact point and our first meeting with Hirini was held in July.

We also welcomed Robin Fleming to our committee. Robin and Cheryl have been permanent residents for a few years now. The current Reserves Management Group committee is: Jenny Atmore, Robin Fleming, Tadek Gawor, Harry Karl, Chris Palmer, Ian Patrick, Sue Karl (secretary) and David Macdonald (chair).

Working bees were organised in spring to clean up the Matarangi’s tennis courts including the tennis courts located at the shopping centre which are currently owned by the developer. New nets have been provided for all the public courts and the posts and winding mechanisms replaced on the Sands Crescent courts. TCDC removed two more Banksia trees from the Reserve overlooking the Sands Crescent courts as these trees were dropping their needles onto the playing surface. All courts were also sprayed for weeds.

One of the Playground Shade clothes was damaged earlier in the year. This has since been repaired. The thimbles and shackles had also deteriorated and these have been replaced. One Shade Cloth has not been reinstalled due to the location of the pohutukawa tree. We have been advised by TCDC that a major refurbishment of the Playground is planned for the 2020/21 year. $100,000 has been budgeted to cover this.

The TCDC installed a number of signs throughout the community to assist visitors and tourists to such amenities as The Beach, Toilets, Boat Ramp, Village Green, BBQ etc. The TCDC have installed Red/Orange/Green signs at beach accesses to indicate the varying rules for dogs on the beach as this has been a contentious issue. The beach access steps and seating area in front of the Village Green have been refurbished.

The Council has appointed a Coastal Management Coordinator to oversee the restoration of the sand dunes. Working Bees will be organised in the Autumn and Spring.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the committee for their efforts throughout the year and also thank Hirini for his willingness to assist and understanding of the community’s needs.

David Macdonald, Chairperson


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