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MRAI Newsletter - February 2019

Highlights The Annual meeting of members was held on Monday 28 January. Full minutes are appended.

The main items were: o As we are still awaiting the decision of the Environment Court, there was no discussion of the Appeal Golf (2012) vs TCDC. o The RMA Application by Beaches Development Limited for Consent for Earthworks and Subdivision of the large block of undeveloped land south of Matarangi Drive. The Masterplan for the proposed subdivision is appended. o A question and answer session with Mayor Sandra Goudie. o A vote carried with acclamation in appreciation of the long service to the Association by Treasurer Ian Patrick who retired as Treasurer during the year but continues as a Committee member. o All members of the 2018 Committee were re-elected, together with new members Kieran Mullins and Tracey Green.

The MRAI office holders are Chair: Alastair MacCormick Deputy Chair: Keith Cullum Secretary: Kieran Mullins Treasurer: David Macdonald

Matters Arising from the Annual Meeting o Beaches Subdivision: a follow-up letter was sent to the Mayor and Councillors thanking them for attending and stressing the major points of discussion in relation to the Beaches Development subdivision proposal. o Matarangi boat ramp: it was dredged twice in 2018, including before the holidays in December, with a long reach digger at low tide. Unfortunately, the ramp silts up very quickly after dredging. o Transfer station: a member’s suggestion to copy a Taupo transfer station system allowing pedestrian access through a gate after hours has been referred to Council’s solid waste team to investigate the practicalities and whether it is feasible. o Pedestrian and Cyclist safety: in response to a request for extension of the pedestrian path near the Kuaotunu boat ramp, Council has advised that a contract will be let shortly to complete a pedestrian way from the boat ramp to the East, but that the section to the West likely requires a road realignment and is scheduled for 2-3 years from now. o Speed Calming Sign(s) at Matarangi: a request for this to be considered has been lodged with Council’s roading team. o Dogs and Rubbish Bins: Following a vigorous discussion of dog waste on the Matarangi Facebook page, Council has installed new bag dispensers and rubbish bins near some entrances to reserves.

Beaches Development Limited Proposed Subdivision Masterplan Full details of the application can be found using the TCDC Consent Tracker. Enter the ID RMA/2018/471 at MATARANGI URBAN DESIGN STRATEGY NOV 2018 MASTERPLAN The layout and form of the development is driven by the proximity to existing and proposed water bodies. The southern part of the development sits along the coastline of the Whangapoua Harbour whilst the ocean to the north is only a short walk away. The layout of the lots has been designed to ensure that each lot is within 500m of either the coast or one of the proposed lakes within the development. The development is divided into two prominent areas; the east and the west, derived from the size and shape of the land. Two

sizable lakes are located in the centre of both the east and west sections, with residential lots concentrated around the water bodies.

Open space ensures that prominent view shafts throughout the development are protected and create visual links from the development to the coastline. A network of walkways and green spaces provides access to the coast from the development and to the wider Matarangi township.


9.30am Monday 28 January 2019 at the Matarangi Fire Station 1. Welcome: The Chairman welcomed members, the Mayor Sandra Goudie, Councillors Murray McLean and Tony Fox, Community Board Chairman Paul Kelly, Community Board Member Deli Connell and TCDC Area Manager Alan Tiplady. Apologies were received from David Macdonald (Treasurer) and Kitty Macdonald, Harry and Sue Karl, Ben Green, Noelene Cullum, Ian and Judy Simpson, Brent Impey, John Disbrowe, Stuart Wilson, Mark Bedford, Dave Blake, Phillip Cox, Tim Maffey, Sandy Penhale.

2.The minutes of the Annual Meeting held 29 January 2018 were confirmed as a true and correct record.

3.The Chairman, Alastair MacCormick presented his Annual report and the Report of the Reserves Management Group (copies attached).

4. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Ian Patrick on behalf of the Treasurer, David MacDonald. Moved by Grant Short that the report be adopted. Seconded by Rod Cameron. Carrried.

5. The following nominations were received in writing for the MRAI Committee: Alastair MacCormick, Keith Cullum, Ben Green, Bob Stevens, Grant Short, Harry Karl, Hilary Falconer, Kieran Mullins, Tracy Green. No election was required and all persons nominated were confirmed as members of the Committee.

6. The Mayor Sandra Goudie addressed the meeting. The following matters were covered in her address and in subsequent questions and general business open forum: - Freedom camping and the intention for the current policy to be reviewed and be subject to public consultation. - The question as to whether all new residences should be required to have rainwater storage tanks. - The likelihood of a ferry from Auckland berthing at Coromandel township. The Mayor indicated that the Council view was that any costs of dredging would need to be borne by private commercial interests. - The likelihood of a replacement airstrip at Matarangi. The Mayor indicated that again this would not be a matter for Council involvement. - The replacement of the single lane bridges in the Tairua vicinity. The Mayor indicated that some funding external to the Council was available and that this work was viewed as a priority. - The availability of landing facilities for emergency helicopters at Matarangi. Such helicopters are able to land on a range of reserve land locations and Stu Arnold the Fire Chief also advised that a new landing site was being developed immediately behind the fire station. - Issues relating to the volume of logging trucks on roads and to the filling of water tankers in the Matarangi residential area were raised. - The suggestion was made that the Refuse Transfer Station could be made accessible to pedestrians out of normal operating hours. - The Chairman raised the matter of the dredging of the harbour in the vicinity of the boat ramp and suggested that this may need to occur closer to Christmas for water depth to remain sufficient for the peak holiday period. - The Committee was also requested after the formal closing of the meeting to investigate whether it would be possible to have electronic speed indicator signs (similar to that at Kuaotunu) installed either side of the Matarangi commercial area.

7. Honorary Auditor: Trevan Smith who has been Honorary Auditor for MRAI for many years and has recently located to Auckland was thanked by the Chairman for his long years of service. Alan Cunningham has indicated that he would be prepared to undertake the role of Honorary Auditor. Moved: Ian Patrick that Alan Cunningham be appointed Honorary Auditor. Seconded: Keith Cullum Carried

The meeting closed at 10.29am

Approximate attendance: 102

Chairman’s Report to 2019 Annual Meeting Welcome. It is a pleasure to have with us today Mayor Sandra Goudie, Councillors Tony Fox and Murray McLean, Chair of the Mercury Bay Community Board Paul Kelly, and TCDC Area Manager Allan Tiplady.

It is with deep sadness that we record the passing of our Committee member John Dunn. John will be remembered as a Matarangi stalwart, a humble, enthusiastic contributor to our community. We offer our condolences to his family and many friends.

The Year in Review: Matarangi Amenities

Reserves From its beginnings as a seaside destination Matarangi has been characterised by an abundance of reserves that distinguishes the settlement from an urban suburb. Substantial reserves include the beach frontage, the Village Green, the Spit-End Walkway and the six public tennis courts set in ample space. In the not-too-distant future a Harbour Park and a smaller reserve adjacent to the Fire Station will be added. At the Eastern end there is also the large DOC Reserve with the Matarangi Bluff and its pristine swamp area lying behind Ring’s Beach. A special feature, more noticeable in the earlier Matarangi subdivisions, is the generous number of walkways and cycleways giving ready access to the Beach and secluded paths eastward and westward between residential cells.

Reserves Committee The Reserves Committee is a volunteer group of committed permanent residents who work closely with TCDC to take care of Matarangi. They advise the TCDC Reserves Manager on Matarangi needs and receive goods and services to support their activities.

This is our opportunity to thank the committee and all other volunteers for their contribution. On entering Matarangi the first impression is of manicured well-planted spaces, tennis courts and a children’s playground. This impression is reinforced throughout Matarangi. This environment would not have been created but for the work of the committee and many volunteers, who have planted Matarangi with trees and shrubs and helped to look after the reserves and walkways. Quoting from the Committee’s Report circulated with the Agenda last week, projects completed this year include: • Installation of a Heritage Board on the Reserve at the end of Kenwood Drive. Ian Patrick in conjunction with the TCDC and local Iwi compiled the history and wording. • Installation of a shade cloth over the playground at the Village Green. The Library, run by Richardson’s Real Estate, provided $9,000 towards the cost of the shade cloth. We are very grateful to Richardson’s Real Estate Library for their contribution. The balance of $15,000 was funded by a TCDC grant. • Installation of an electric BBQ, close to the Kenwood Drive carpark. This was funded by the Council.

On behalf of us all I would like to thank Council and its staff for their commitment to maintain Matarangi Reserves. Recently the Reserves Committee held a small function to honour the special contribution of retiring TCDC Mercury Bay Reserves Manager Scott Farrell, who has been superb in this role. Please acknowledge the work of Scott Farrell and of our committee: David Macdonald, Sue Karl, Jenny Atmore, Tadek Gawor, Ian Patrick, Harry Karl and Chris Palmer.

While on the subject of reserves, we can also applaud the work of the group that maintains and develops the DOC reserve on the Matarangi Bluff and Rings Beach wetland. Long-term resident and former MRAI Treasurer Ian Patrick has been a tremendous worker for this reserve and last year was successful in obtaining a grant of $90,000 from the Waikato Regional Council to remove pines from the Bluff and wetland behind Rings Beach.

There’s another group of volunteers who help with the golf course. Committee member Bob Stevens is constantly out on the course planting trees and shrubs and tending to them.

Tennis Courts Last November TCDC repaired the courts at 624 Matarangi Drive, adjacent to Sands Crescent, by laying a superb new artificial turf surface. We are most appreciative that this long-outstanding maintenance has been completed with such a quality outcome and specifically thank TCDC Community Services Manager Heather Bruce for her support in completing this project.

The Reserves Committee installed new nets and organized general working bees at all the tennis courts. Particularly big clearances were needed at the Sands Crescent courts and the two courts adjacent to the shops. Since New Year the Association has employed a contractor to clear the trees and scrub around the shopping centre courts.

Thames - Coromandel District Plan

Golf (2012) Ltd Appeal The mandated Environment Court-supervised mediation failed to settle the Golf (2012) Appeal, which was then heard by the Court, sitting in Thames on June 27th and 28th 2018. As the Court has not issued its decision, the matter remains sub judice and we cannot discuss it at this meeting.

Beaches Development Limited Resource Consent Application for Subdivision Recently renamed Beaches Development Limited, this is the same company we knew previously as BFT Ltd and before that Burfoot Ltd. Beaches purchased the undeveloped residential land at Matarangi from the Receiver appointed to sell the assets of Matarangi Beach Estates Ltd. Beaches has now applied to TCDC for Resource Consent to subdivide the remaining land between Matarangi Drive and the Whangapoua Harbour. MRAI enjoys a good working relationship with Beaches, which has kept MRAI well-informed about their plans. Overall MRAI considers the plan will provide a quality development of the remaining Beaches lands, together with significant additional amenities for the community. Provided the proposal is compliant with the Matarangi Structure Plan and other requirements in legislation, TCDC by-laws and the District Plan, and MRAI has given its consent in writing, the application will be approved as a non-notified consent.

TCDC has requested input from MRAI on the application, which is available in its entirety on the TCDC web site. Recently a MRAI delegation met with Council officers in Thames to discuss issues raised by the application.

These include: • The vesting in Council of reserve lands, especially for the Harbour Park surrounding the boat ramp and a smaller park adjacent to the Fire Station. • Continuation of the coastal walkway around the subdivision to end up back at the shopping centre. • Environmental and recreational aspects of the four lakes proposed within the subdivision and the relationship to the storm water system. • Expansion of the wastewater treatment plant. • Adequate potable water supply for Matarangi. The supply of potable water is a concern as we are not convinced that the system as a whole, from the Opitonui Stream intake in the Coromandel foothills to the storage tank on the Matarangi Bluff, is sufficiently robust to provide continuity of supply. This applies now, even before extra system capacity is required to supply the new subdivision. We strongly suspect weaknesses in the pipe under the Whangapoua Harbour and in the capacity of the pumping system. Last summer a restriction to our water supply was necessary over a weekend, owing to the failure of a small but critical pump at the water treatment plant.

However the most important and immediate issues are the vesting of the reserves at the Harbour and the Fire Station at the earliest possible moment and the continuation of the coastal walkway around the subdivision. The spit-end walkway is already a treasure for Matarangi residents and visitors. Prior experience tells us that this walkway needs to be constructed on publicly held l and and protected from erosion by tidal and storm action on the harbour edge.

MRAI Finances and Subscriptions for the 2019-20 Year

The Financial Reports for the Financial Year 2017-18 were circulated with the Agenda for this meeting. As the substantial expenditure on the two District Plan Appeals was spread over two financial years, your committee now reports on the detail of these costs, which were incurred on behalf of both MRAI and the Holes 1 and 2 Group.

To date the expenditure is $221,409, split $7,760 on the Burfoot Appeal and $213,649 on the Golf (2012) Appeal.

The major costs have been $142,215 for legal advice and representation, $72,885 for consultants (planning, landscape architecture and traffic) and $6,309 for disbursements.

Without voluntary input from a number of members these costs would have been considerably higher. I wish to single out Rod Cameron and Keith Cullum for special mention. They have given countless hours to prepare evidence and submissions. In case you wondered, I have also spent some considerable time on these appeals.

Your Association has contributed $67,959 (30.7%) towards the costs. The balance has come from donations ($38,459) and advances from 12 committed supporters of MRAI and the Holes 1 and 2 Group. Without this exceptionally generous support it would not have been possible for MRAI and the Holes 1 and 2 Group to go through with the representations we have made on your behalf (and the whole community’s behalf) to Golf (2012) Ltd, Council and the Environment Court.

As outlined, MRAI has incurred considerable expenditure in defence of our interests. Should the Golf (2012) Appeal result in appeals to the High Court our legal expenses will continue. In case this occurs, it is vital that members renew their subscriptions. Subscription notices will be sent out at the commencement of the MRAI financial year on 1 April.


It is appropriate to record our appreciation for the consistent efforts and cooperation received from TCDC elected representatives and staff, and particularly from the Mercury Bay Community Board chaired by Paul Kelly, and the Mercury Bay Area Manager, Alan Tiplady.

The community is grateful for this support when there are many competing demands on TCDC staff and stringent control of expenditure.

There are many local people who give voluntary service to this community and we should recognize and appreciate them: • The Matarangi Rural Fire Force, who also serve as our First Response Paramedics. • Mercury Bay Ward TCDC councillors Tony Fox and Murray MacLean. • Community Board Chairman, Paul Kelly.

We thank our Honorary Auditor, Trevan Smith, for his valuable service over many years. During the year the role of Treasurer passed smoothly from Ian Patrick to David Macdonald. No person could have done more for Matarangi and its environs than Ian. With the support of Dianne, Ian has been involved in countless aspects of Matarangi life. His diverse skills include building and construction and he has used his workshop to produce many seats, signs and other improvements. A skilled photographer, Ian has recorded so many aspects of Matarangi and made them available to the community in books, wall photographs and postcards. Ian has been an extraordinarily active member of the Reserves Committee, utterly committed to the improvement of our surroundings, our reserves and walkways.

I record my appreciation to the members of the Committee, which since our last AGM on 29 January 2017 has comprised: Keith Cullum (Deputy Chairman), David Macdonald (Treasurer), Hilary Falconer, Ben Green, Harry Karl, Alastair MacCormick, Ian Patrick, Grant Short, Bob Stevens and, prior to his resignation owing to ill health, John Dunn.

Thanks to all members for their continuing generous support.

We now look forward to another year of development and improvement of the Matarangi we

all enjoy so much.

Alastair MacCormick

Chair 28 January 2019

Reserves Management Group Report to 2019 Annual Meeting The Matarangi Reserves Management Group met on three occasions throughout the year. Scott Farrell, a TCDC representative, was in attendance each time. Unfortunately, Scott has now recently retired and we are yet to meet our new representative.

The RMG committee comprises: Jenny Atmore, Sue Karl (secretary), Tadek Gawor, Ian Patrick, Harry Karl, Chris Palmer and David Macdonald (chairman).

2018 achievements include: • Installation of a Heritage Board on the Reserve at the end of Kenwood Drive. Ian Patrick in conjunction with the TCDC and local Iwi compiled the history and wording. • Installation of a shade cloth over the playground at the Village Green. The Library, run by Richardson’s Real Estate, provided $9,000 towards the cost of the shade cloth. We are very grateful to Richardson’s Real Estate Library for their contribution. The balance of $15,000 was funded by the TCDC. • Installation of an electric BBQ, close to the Kenwood Drive carpark. This was funded by the Council. • Installation of new nets and general working bees at the tennis courts located in Matarangi Drive (opposite Refuse Station), Matai Place and the privately owned courts beside the shopping centre. • General tidy up of trees around the Sands Crescent tennis courts and throughout the community. Ian Patrick, Harry Karl and I met with Heather Bruce, TCDC Community Manager, Mercury Bay and Steve Brennan, TCDC Engineer to discuss the resurfacing of the Sands Crescent tennis courts. Alastair MacCormick, Chairman of MRAI will cover this project in more detail in his report.

Sue Karl, Harry Karl and I met with Heather Bruce again to discuss general signage throughout Matarangi. Ian Patrick, who has been the principal driver behind this project, was unable to make this particular meeting. The Council acknowledges that Matarangi is in need of directional signs for amenities such as the Beach, Village Green, BBQ, Toilets and Boat Ramp access. It is hoped that these signs will be in place early 2019.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the committee members for their efforts throughout the year and their willingness to take on projects. On behalf of the Committee, I would also like to thank Alastair and the MRAI committee for their assistance throughout the year.

David Macdonald Chairman Reserves Management Group

28 January 2019


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