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MRAI - Newsletter 5 June 2019

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Golf (2012) vs TCDC The Environment Court has advised that the Court’s decision can be expected to be released on or before 21st June 2019.

Speed Calming Sign(s) at Matarangi In response to MRAI’s request to TCDC for speed calming on Matarangi Drive at the entrance to Matarangi and in the neighbourhood of the shopping centre, a reply has been received from Council’s roading consultant. Larger 50KPH signs will be positioned on both sides of Matarangi Road near the entrance to Matarangi and additional 50KPH signs installed on Matarangi Drive between the entrance and the shopping centre.

TCDC will monitor vehicle speeds and pedestrian movement on Matarangi Drive over the peak summer period 2019/20 and assess whether or not to install further safety measures.

TUIA 250 – Mercury Bay Celebration 18-21 October 2019 Events in Mercury Bay will celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook’s visit to the bay. The Mercury250 Trust Te Whanganui o Hei is organising ceremonies and activities.

“Te Pōwhiri is a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity for us all to embrace this kaupapa and it

would be great for all of our community to engage in it. I believe the high level commemoration – the Pōwhiri to be held at Wharekaho (Simpson’s Beach) in October 2019 – will be a profound experience for all. Everyone is invited, everyone will be welcomed and everyone will come away from this ceremony with a clear understanding of the many meanings of Pōwhiri and what Cook, the scientists, Tupaia and the crew of the Endeavour experienced in 1769 when tangata whenua Ngati Hei welcomed European visitors to our shores for the first time in Aotearoa.” - Trustee John Wright

An announcement from TCDC is appended and more information can be found at the Mercury250 Trust’s Facebook page Thanks to MRAI Members from Christine Kelly “To all members of the Matarangi Ratepayers Association. I would like to thank you all for the beautiful flowers and tributes you sent my family and I when Paul passed away in March. Paul will be missed at home and in the wider community.

Paul enjoyed very much being involved in the Matarangi Community. Although we made the decision to move to Whitianga, Matarangi was where Paul’s heart was.

I truly thank you all. Chris Kelly”

Beaches Development Limited Proposed Subdivision Masterplan Full details of the application can be found using the TCDC Consent Tracker. Enter the ID RMA/2018/471 at

MRAI has made comprehensive submissions on the proposed subdivision. MRAI‘s submission and correspondence will soon be available in the members’ page on the MRAI web site (

The Association’s submission is generally supportive of the plan submitted, which is broadly in line with the Matarangi Structure Plan that was agreed with the developer and TCDC at the time of settling the Appeal Burfoot Ltd vs TCDC in which the developer sought changes to the Structure Plan in the TCDC District Plan (Decisions Version).

The submissions have concentrated on: • ensuring the “Round-the-Spit” Walkway is extended along the harbour edge of the subdivision and fully connected to approach the shopping centre from the south; • requesting early development of the Harbour Park with improved amenities for family use of the harbour’s edge and better circulation and parking for use of the boat ramp; • ensuring development of the reserve alongside the fire station and along the south boundary of the shopping centre; • requesting completion of walkways around all the proposed lakes and that these are constructed in permanent materials robust enough for regular use by cyclists as well as walkers; • ensuring adequate utility infrastructure is provided.

Infrastructure – the Three Waters When considering its response to the Beaches subdivision application, MRAI commissioned a report on potable water, wastewater and stormwater from Aguas Engineering and Environmental Ltd. This report and correspondence will also become available in the members’ page on the MRAI web site (

This report highlighted a considerable number of issues to be considered in relation to Matarangi infrastructure in relation to the three waters. MRAI has sent the report to the TCDC CEO with a covering letter that makes three requests for information about TCDC’s official plans relating to water, wastewater and stormwater at Matarangi: • A Matarangi Water Reliability Plan, the principal concern being the reliability of the under-harbour pipe that supplies Matarangi from the Opitonui Stream intake • Asset management plan(s) for Matarangi that covers water supply, wastewater and stormwater assets • The most recent inspection report for the water supply pipe from the Opitonui intake to the water processing plant on Matarangi Drive • Reports and plans concerning floods and groundwater

Following a recent flash flood event at Matarangi, MRAI also requested TCDC to inspect the Matarangi stormwater swales and initiate/undertake repairs/reinstatement.

A further newsletter will be issued as soon as the Environment Court decision is Golf(2012) vs TCDC is received.

Alastair MacCormick



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