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TCDC Long Term Plan

Our Council is currently seeking feedback on some important questions as they prepare activities and budgets for the next ten years (for the Long Term Plan).

Some of the questions TCDC are asking are:

  • Would you support increasing or extending user fees and charges to reduce the impact of additional costs to rates? This includes car parking fees, boat ramp fees and how we charge for commercial activities on Council wharves and parks and reserves.

  • Would you support reducing the frequency of some rubbish collections between Boxing Day and early February in communities where we collect more than once a week?

  • Would you support the closure of the two Refuse Transfer Stations at Matarangi and Pauanui and their replacement with compactors and recycling facilities?

  • Would you support the closure of i-SITES and information centres?

  • Would you support a rates increase to your local rate to fund local projects? How much?

These can be answered by taking a quick online survey found here:

Click through to the survey and select the issues you’re most interested in, for example “rubbish and recycling”.

At the top of each section devoted to a particular issue there is an “add comment” button.

Select that and a couple of questions related to that issue will open.

Look out also for Facebook polls posted on TCDCs Facebook page too.

Please contribute to have your say!


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