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Tree vandalism

Our Council reserve known as 'The Pines' in Matarangi has been deliberately damaged, with a number of trees cut down. This has been reported to the Police. "It is incredibly disappointing to see this type of behaviour, especially at a time like this, when people should be at home in their bubbles," says our District Manager North Allan Tiplady. "It cannot have gone unseen or unnoticed by people in the community. We need people in the community to tell us what they have seen so that appropriate action can be taken. So please contact us or the police directly if you know anything about this particular event, or if you have any concerns about anything similar in the future.”

If you have an issue with a tree please speak with us first. In many cases there may be professional tree management options that might help. An individual may benefit from this vandalism, but the general ratepayer and resident suffer the consequences of their actions. Contact our Customer Service team on 07 868 0200 or email to talk about trees or launch a request for service on our website: www.tcdc.go

MRAI does not condone any deliberate damage to or unauthorised work on any public space in Matarangi such as the destruction of trees as above or creating beach access across sand dunes and encourages anyone contact TCDC before commencing any such activity.

Mark Bedford


Matarangi Ratepayers Association Inc


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