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Water and Freedom Camping Update

A couple of highlights copied out of the recent TCDC newsletter are below. Please have your say on Freedom Camping in Matarangi!

Water restrictions are in place

We love lots of visitors to the Coromandel in the summer, but unfortunately this puts a strain on our water supplies. Due to the high population in the district, we’ve had to put in place stronger conservation measures.

Even though we’ve had a bit of rain today, the long-term forecast is for mostly dry weather over the next few weeks, with the odd shower, so the pressure on our water supplies will continue.

A sprinkler ban is now in effect in all areas except Thames (which is 'conserve water' and Thames Valley - which remains on its permanent 'total watering ban'). For sprinkler ban areas, please only use a hand-held hose on alternate days: if your property address is an even number you can use your hose on even-numbered days, and vice versa for odd-numbered properties.

There are five levels of restriction to manage our water supply:

Tankered water supply In case you see private tankers filling up from Council’s water supply stations, this is being done with our Council’s knowledge. As you would be aware, there are a number of people in our district without access to reticulated water supplies. Under the prevailing weather conditions, they are facing some hardship gaining access to drinking water. To help our communities who are faced with this situation, Council has agreed to sell them water in a managed way such that it does not affect local supplies. This does not necessarily mean that we have spare water.

Also, we are conducting repairs at the Coromandel water reservoir, and therefore authorised the provision of tankered water from Matarangi. Approximately the same quantity of water has been used during the month of December 2019 and 2020 at Matarangi. In other words, this a consistent demand at the same time across two years. Our Council would like to thank everyone on public water supplies for the support they have provided thus far to use water carefully, so that we can all get over the peak period without any adverse impact due to water shortages.

Credit: TCDC Newsletter 8 Jan 2021

Have your say on our Freedom Camping Bylaw review

Our Freedom Camping Bylaw is being reviewed and we want your thoughts about a few changes we’re proposing to some of the current sites and the addition of one new site.

Our consultation runs to Tuesday 2 February 2021.

To read the full proposals and to have your say online, go to

Or, pick up a submission form from one of our Council service centres.

Credit: TCDC Newsletter 8 Jan 2021


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