Vaughan Podbielski

Alana, my wife, and I have been visiting Matarangi for several years. We enjoy boating, beaching and fishing therefore the Matarangi environment is a perfect escape for us. I am also a keen spearo and freediver.   

We are keen to help improve this beautiful piece of paradise and have participated in a few volunteer days prior to joining the MRAI committee. It was therefore a no brainer when asked if I would like to stand for the MRAI committee.

I have been involved in several club committees, more recently I served on the East Auckland Kayak Fishing club for 4 years, 2 of those as president and I am presently on the executive committee of the Mission Bay Tennis Club as asset and maintenance manager.

We have seen recently how the community has come together resulting in a favourable path forward for the golf course, I look forward to working with MRAI to make a positive contribution.