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MRAI Newsletter - 27 March 2021

The TCDC Long Term Plan is now out for consultation.

It’s available to be read online on the TCDC website

The below articles and links outline information you need to know about making a submission that supports open space in Matarangi.

Upcoming Events

Public meeting - TCDC Long Term Plan From 8.30am to 9.30am on 3 April 2021 @ The Dunes Golf & Community Club

A public meeting to discuss the long term plans for our open spaces in Matarangi. Information sharing and an opportunity to make an informed decision.

Walk the course From 4.30pm to 6.30pm on 3 April 2021 @ The Dunes Golf & Community Club Join us for an opportunity to walk the course. From the club house to the spit and back. Followed by a sausage sizzle and a chance to connect. See you there!

Help Centre

Sat all day, Sun 10am – 3pm, Mon 9am – 2pm @ The Dunes Golf & Community Club

Your questions answered & we can help you complete your submission.

MRAI Long Term Plan Response

MRAI committee members, along with other groups, have spent thousands of hours on the issues surrounding open space. Here is our response to the TCDC Long Term Plan in regards to the Matarangi Land Purchase options that have been presented.

Here is some information on why we have made the above submission, and how we need your help!

Tsunami Sirens

As you may be aware the 27 Tsunami Sirens as part of the emergency Alert system are to be deactivated by TCDC. There is no alert system to replace them as of now. A petition has been started to save the sirens (over 1000 signatures were logged in the first 24 hours). The TCDC have been asked to halt the process of deactivating the Tsunami sirens until proper public consultation is established, they have said "No". Petition details: Facebook details:

MRAI Subscription Renewals

2021 / 2022 subscriptions are due at the end of March. The annual subscription remains at $50. To renew your subscription please fill out the form here & make payment to: Matarangi Ratepayers Association Inc Westpac Bank 03-1578-0063977-00 Particulars: First Name Reference: Last Name We appreciate your support!


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